Posted by Yaroslav Luzin on 10 Jan, 2023

Do you want to outsource e-commerce software development or opt for building an in-house dev team? In both cases, you strive to work with developers who’ll meet your needs, possess appropriate experience and skills, and provide high-quality services at a fair price. Outsourcing or in-house—it’s a decision that each company makes depending on its project goals and needs, as well as the available budget. 

According to Deloitte research, 70% of respondents choose to outsource for cost-effectiveness, with 40% citing flexibility as the primary reason. 

Is outsourcing software development the winning decision for you as well? Let’s find the answer together.

Benefits of outsourcing software development

Benefits of Outsourcing Software Development 

  • Profound expertise

Many believe that employing an outsourced development team implies sacrificing quality. In reality, offshore professionals are usually even more experienced than in-house specialists. 

The outsourcing teams work on multiple projects, and the chances are they have practical experience with projects identical to yours. Since they already possess appropriate skills and knowledge, you will save time and effort searching for top-level experts or onboarding and training the hired employees.

  • Access to the talent pool

Continuing talking about the niche expertise, finding the specialists with the required skill set for your exact project might be time- and energy-consuming. Typically recruiting an IT specialist takes a week to months. 

An IT skills shortage is a severe issue in the US, Canada, and many other countries. According to the McKinsey poll, 87% of organizations cope with a talent shortage. 

Outsourcing is an excellent solution to address this issue, as you will have access to a considerably larger talent pool, allowing you to quickly discover, hire, and onboard the necessary experts, filling in the gaps.

  • Sleep calm while the team is working

When outsourcing software development to the external team, you can forget about 24/7 involvement in the process. The vendor is fully responsible for recruiting and developing a product from A to Z. You will interact with a dedicated project manager and optionally have meetings with the core team. However, all other production processes do not require your direct involvement, allowing you to concentrate on your significant business tasks. 

  • Agile-based approach

Agile methodology is widely used in outsourcing software development because of its quick, productive, and innovative approaches. It allows developers to make on-the-fly changes to project requirements as well as validate all aspects of the product development lifecycle. As a result, a team reduces the danger of undiscovered difficulties by investigating and eradicating them as soon as feasible, thus increasing the quality of the final product.

  • Scalability 

Startups are frequently unpredictable, and founders may need to modify their needs constantly. Because of this tendency, the capacity of developers to scale up is a huge benefit for a client. Outsourcing teams are well-prepared for making regular adjustments due to their extensive expertise and larger personnel options. 


So, should you outsource software development to launch your startup quickly and effortlessly? Although there is no universal solution for every organization, outsourcing significantly benefits your business as it offers cost-effectiveness, flexibility, and access to the broad talent pool. 

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