Posted by Yaroslav Luzin on 09 Mar, 2023

In this mobile-driven era, having a comprehensive e-commerce mobile app is vital. Mobile e-commerce is one of today’s hottest trends, with mobile commerce volume expected to hit $620.97 billion by 2024.

So if you are an online store owner contemplating a mobile-first strategy, we are excited to share our pro tips for designing a user-friendly and high-converting e-commerce mobile application.

How to Develop a Successful E-Commerce App: Pro Tips

1. Create a simple and intuitive design

An e-commerce app’s user interface (UI) should be as straightforward as possible. Create a clean UI to ensure a convenient user experience (UX). Aim to provide intuitive navigation and avoid unnecessary elements, a too-bright design, excessive text and graphics, and inconsistent fonts within the same page of your app.

2. Build seamless log-in and sign-up processes

Sign-in and sign-up processes are the most time-consuming and tiresome interactions when it comes to any mobile app. This frequently necessitates inputting an email address, password, and other information. So to make your app efficient and easy to use, design a quick and simple registration process. Also, consider connecting accounts to clients’ social networks, which is an approach used by about 88.5% of all Internet users. 

3. Add high-quality and descriptive images

Ensure your app features a high-resolution product image gallery, with close-ups, good studio lighting, and a combination of different angles. Model photo shoots are pricey, but they are well worth it. 

In addition, describe your products in as much detail as possible. For SEO purposes, it is also critical for you to accurately label all photos and store them in the formats and sizes appropriate for each website area. This way, they will load at optimal speed.

4. Simplify the checkout process

The checkout phase requires the most attention. People dislike wasting their time; therefore, if they have to fill out a lot of data and perform a lot of steps at checkout, they may abandon their carts. To prevent this, you need to simplify the procedure, removing any unnecessary steps.

In addition, the more payment options you give your consumers, the more likely they are to complete their transactions through your app. So consider various payment channels such as electronic wallets, debit and credit cards, international transfer systems, and so on.

Shipping choices should also be well prepared, including every GEO variation. Too many fields to fill out may turn off a potential customer.

5. Ensure data security 

Make sure transactions are safe for all payment methods in your app. Because your e-commerce software requires a money authorization procedure to execute a transaction, you must protect your clients’ safety. Every piece of personal information, from identities to bank accounts, must be encrypted.


Creating a simple, secure, and high-performing e-commerce app can be challenging. However, a well-designed and optimized application will generate much greater income for you in the long run. 

Consider applying our proven tips to succeed, and if you require professional assistance while developing your e-commerce application, don’t hesitate to contact 42 Coffee Cups. We are a team of experienced software developers, designers, and testers ready to deliver a custom mobile app based on your unique business requirements. Share your project idea with us and get a free quote!

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