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Enhance your existing team and development capacity to deliver your great products faster

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Your reliable partner for your software development needs.

42 Coffee Cups is a team of highly experienced Python developers doing various projects over the US, UK & Europe. We help our clients to augment existing development capacity, streamline the development process, finish products and implement new features faster than their competitors. 

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We Provide


Team Augmentation

Enhance your existing team with our engineers to increase your development capacity

Web Development

Full stack backend & frontend development using Python/Django and Vue/React.js

Ongoing Maintenance

Devops, bugfixing, features implementation, technical consultations

42 Coffee Cups

Case Studies

Case Studies
We helped a major Internet hosting provider from the US with their new product

The client came up with the idea for a managed web hosting platform specifically optimized for WordPress sites, and they needed to release the app to the market ASAP, but they lacked a development capacity.

We integrated with their existing tech teams to help fix existing bugs, implement new features, improve the code quality, and deliver new versions of the software in a cost-effective way.

Overall, we closed around 500 tickets for the implementation of new features, and microservices architecture as well as the bug fixing and refactoring their code base.

We implemented applications for the University of California, Santa Cruz (UCSC)

We worked on the development of the Genome 10K and the Genome Data Browser that enables users to explore the cancer genomics data at CGHub. The goal of the project was to update the existing G10K sample database to a dynamic app that tracks both current and past data with the ability for sample submitters to manage their own data. The developed app collects G10K data and puts them into a relational database which then tracks information about biological samples for sequencing, and provides a snapshot of the sample data and taxonomic tree with multiple versions to support history tracking. We also improved the robustness of the import process and added a sample submitter login and management functions to the app. Find out more on the website of the Genome 10K Community which has all 508 standards required by the US government.

We developed a web app and to help the client to be acquired by a large enterprise

The client needed a web application as a part of their revolutionary autonomous optimization AI platform to sell to their enterprise clients. We developed a front facing client web app from scratch and made several major releases that helped Concertio to get to the acquisition by the world’s 15th largest software company in 2021. We are still working with them (now with the acquisitor) as a software development partner and help develop new features.

42 Coffee Cups


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42 Coffee Cups

Why Us

Why Us
What people say?



I have worked with 42 Coffee Cups as a development agency for over 3 years. During this time
they have consistently delivered both small scale projects and large business critical developments
on time and on budget. Great guys!

Tim Kalic
Tim Kalic
Head of Digital at Pretty Green

… these guys are fantastic. I never had such a pro team from project management to execution.
Managed remotely without even a single phone call (!) These guys got the requirements, broken it
very fast into small tasks with grades for complexity and efforts, with amazingly accurate timeline
and budget. Most of all, the execution was clean, fast and pro. Have I mentioned their positive
attitude? Great development company to work with! strongly recommended!

Tomer Paz
Tomer Paz
CEO at Sugar Pixel

Damn, you guys are efficient…

Mark Diekhans
Mark Diekhans
Research staff at UCSC

They never said anything was too difficult or impossible. They just got the work done.
They are problem solvers and just get things done. They don’t make excuses even though
I was really tough on them.

Nicolas Grégoire
Nicolas Grégoire
Founder & CEO at amigoCAT
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