Posted by Yaroslav Luzin on 30 Jan, 2023

Customer experience impacts how consumers engage with a brand at each stage of their buyer’s journey. And as the e-commerce business expands, companies need to introduce new strategies to entice their customers to purchase from them regularly. 

To attract new consumers and maintain existing ones, you must provide them with a straightforward, effective, and hassle-free client experience.

Ask the following questions to estimate the level of convenience and pleasure your online store provides: 

  • Is my website visually appealing? 
  • How simple is it to find the products needed? 
  • Is the website content easy to read? 
  • Is it simple to log in and sign up? 

These questions will help you look at your website from a client’s perspective and analyze what is working and what needs optimization. In addition to this, follow these six easy steps to ensure your customers have a superb experience on your site.

6 Steps to Providing Excellent E-commerce Customer Experience

1. Level up your social media presence

E-commerce companies should reflect their distinct brand voice through social media. Increasing your social media presence is critical regardless of your target demographic. 

So make sure to present your online business on various social media platforms and make the most out of them by:

  • Offering the possibility to purchase right on social media networks;
  • Providing the virtual assistant chatbot;
  • Implementing the hottest social media trends on time.

2. Create a powerful content strategy

Content marketing aims to assist your customers in resolving their issues and questions. In addition, with a smart content strategy, businesses can boost sales, build client loyalty, and increase traffic from organic searches. 

You may produce a variety of content types, such as high-quality blog entries, exclusive interviews, eye-catching infographics, and much more. The main goal is to post regularly to entertain the customers and stay on their minds.

3. Personalize the customer experience

Personalization is a viral e-commerce trend for good reason. Businesses that make an effort to personalize their website notice a 5-15% increase in their revenues.

You must tailor the purchasing experience depending on several elements along the entire buyer’s journey. Consider utilizing a recommendation engine to provide customized product suggestions based on the user’s location, shopping, and browsing history. 

Aside from that, e-commerce companies may use pop-ups, discounts, abandoned cart notifications, and other tactics to guarantee that their customer experience is on target.

4. Upgrade customer service

Omnichannel customer support has the potential to increase conversions significantly. Ensure all required contact information, such as email addresses and phone numbers, is readily available on your website. Additionally, you can integrate live chat and widgets into your website to connect with consumers in real time. 

5. Create a community

A community is a group of people who are devoted to your brand. The bigger your community, the faster your products will be seen and promoted to a larger audience via community members. 

Social media and email are two of the most effective community-building tools. Encourage your customers to post product reviews, tag your store in their social media pictures, or publish ratings on your website. First, you work to create and please the community; later on, the community will help you promote your brand.

6. Make your website mobile-friendly

Mobile devices currently account for more than 65% of all e-commerce traffic

Therefore, when launching your e-commerce website, make sure it’s responsive to match every customer’s preference. You will lose clients if your store isn’t adapted for mobile users and takes ages to load. 

To guarantee that your site is mobile-friendly, work on improving the speed of your website by reducing the size of all images and optimizing the code. Also, ensure that all buttons and links function appropriately on smartphones and tablets.


This simple guide will help you take some crucial steps to level up your e-commerce business through enhanced customer experience.

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