Posted by Yaroslav Luzin on 18 Jan, 2023

Choosing a top-tier software development team is one of the most critical aspects of launching your e-commerce startup successfully. While there are numerous IT vendors on the market, you run the risk of hiring a company that won’t meet your expectations by missing deadlines, delivering a poor job, or providing inefficient communication. 

So how can you find the perfect development team to implement your project at the highest level? Take time to check the following information on potential candidates.

Things To Check When Choosing a Software Development Company for Your E-commerce Business

1. Verify vendor’s track record

The agencies you are considering working with should have an excellent track record of previous collaborations. Review their portfolios and case studies to prove the agency has experience in your industry. 

Customer testimonials on Clutch and other review platforms are another vital source of trustworthy feedback on their job and personal characteristics. You can also request referrals directly from the selected company.

2. Vet their business processes

Don’t sign a contract with an agency based solely on their impressive portfolio and references. Keep in mind that your collaboration will last for weeks, months, or even years. So, you want to vet their processes to ensure they know what they’re doing perfectly and that their approach meshes with your preferences.

A reputable agency will provide you with a clear picture of how the entire production process will go. Ask how the design, development, and testing phases are organized and what outcomes to expect at every stage.

3. Check their design abilities

A website’s design, including UX (user experience) and UI (user interface), may make or break your e-commerce business’s success. Over 90% of shoppers are eager to continue shopping in an online store with a brilliant UX design.

Thus, a top-level IT vendor should have a team of professional UI/UX designers with extensive expertise in creating engaging and results-driven e-commerce platforms. Make sure the selected company knows how to create a user-centric and content-driven e-commerce site. 

4. Speak to their development team

A reliable software development company will let you get in touch with their engineers to learn more about their development experience, used methodologies, and technology before signing a contract. 

During preliminary communication, you might find out what system they’ll utilize for content management and the frameworks they’ll put in place for your core e-commerce platform. Feel free to ask why and how they will use specific solutions for your business. 

5. Learn about onboarding and maintenance 

E-commerce software might be complex to work with and frequently requires specialized onboarding and ongoing maintenance. Once your e-commerce site is launched, a good software development company will guide you on efficient usage and future steps. 

Look for a team that provides in-depth onboarding and post-launch maintenance and support to ensure your clear and smooth interaction with the produced software.


There are many factors to consider when looking for a software development company for your e-commerce business. With the right preparation and quality research, you can make the right decision on what agency will lead your project to success.

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